Saturday, October 28, 2017

Immediate actions needed by the young Catalan Independent Republic

Catalonia must immediately:

1. Establish an external propaganda organization which will deal with legitimizing the demand for independence in the consciences of the peoples abroad. Social networks have to be filled with Catalan advertisements, and Catalan propagandists have to start trips and missions around the world.

2. Organize lobbies abroad by “funding”(read bribing) politicians who will slowly and steadily change their attitude and cling to the side of Catalonia.

3. Denounce the hypocrisy of Western governments, the US and the EU, which supported the independence of Kosovo through arms, but deny it to Catalonia.

At the moment, a strategic move that would cause shock and awe to Rajoy, would be an internationalist appeal by Catalonia to native Latin American peoples which would call them to reject Spanish language, Spanish culture, the Catholic Church, and Spanish customs and customs.

Such an appeal would put the whole continent in a collision course and would turn the history’s clock six centuries back.

The peoples of Latin America would revolt against the occupation suffered by the descendants of the Spanish conquerors.

In this difficult time for Catalonia, public and informal diplomacy is more important than private and official one.

The Catalan leaders will have to wait many years in the corridors of ministries of foreign affairs without having accomplished their purpose.

But if they launch an international information campaign, with the help of social networks, by addressing non-state actors, they will legitimize their demand to the international popular consciousness, and then the way for international recognition by the international organizations will be easier.

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