Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sociological Characteristics of the Neoliberal War

The Hellenic patriotic intellectuals bear a grave responsibility, for they left the Hellenic People exposed and unprepared before the neoliberal blitzkrieg. From the grave responsibilities, I do not even exclude myself.
The crimes that the neoliberal maelstrom perpetrates in our country today, have been perpetrated in Latin America in the 1970s, Russia in the 1990s, Africa, Indonesia, again and again with the same modus operandi.
The method of perpetrating economic genocide has not changed. Contrariwise, institutions such as the IMF evolve and improve their techniques. The problem lies within us, the patriotic intellectuals. I have repeated several times that we ought to have had a school of economic warfare that would educate officials on such issues. And most of all, the lessons should be available to the common People.

As one of the basic causes for the nonexistent resistance of Hellas against the neoliberal onslaught, I deem the ridiculous doctrine of "We belong to the West", which literally paralyzed the reflexes of our People to the point where they perceive their genocide by the French-German axis as salvation and as an indication of European solidarity!
Another cause is the identification of the euro with Europe. A political tool of annexing territories to the 4th Reich was identified with the utopia of a United Europe.
The third basic cause is endogenous. It concerns our national identity. After the Revolution of the National Uprising, we did not manage to acquire a strong national identity, which resulted in various servile flatterers and charlatans appearing and telling the People that they are retrogressive. And that we must at last "become Europeans".
I say that we must at last become Hellenes, and spit in the faces of those who crave Western European models.
Our basic problem is acquiring the ethos of our Ancient Ancestors, where when the Median invaders at Thermopylae told them, "Our arrows are so many that they will blot out the Sun," our Ancestors responded, "So much the better, for we shall fight in the shade."
This way of thinking shows humans that stand firmly on their feet. However, it presupposes solid cultural foundations.

Let us now see the basic characteristics of the neoliberal blitzkrieg, the economic lightning war that the 4th Reich and Troika are implementing against Hellas.
1. The secrecy of the plan. The imminent submission of the country to the IMF-Troika, is either denied or kept secret by the domestic collaborators, despite the fact that they have agreed before the elections to hand over the country to the invaders. However, before the people, they deny everything with an unfathomable audacity.
That which occurred with G. Papandreou, has occurred to all the countries in which the IMF intervened. They never warn of the imminent invasion. They operate conspiratorially, with war terms.
2. The unforeseeability of the measures. Everything happens all of a sudden, with no forewarning, and en masse. While collaborators like Papandreou sell hopes to the People, within minimal time a massive attack begins on all fronts: labor, insurance, pension. Without anything to foreshadow this change in government attitude.
3. Shocking barbarity of the measures. The basic technique that economic terrorists use is known as "Shock and Awe". At the economic level, the military theory of first strike is applied with incredible barbarity so as to paralyze the people. The more powerful the strike, the military doctrine teaches, the more paralyzed becomes the opponent and thus unable to react.
4. Use of the crisis as an extortion lever. A basic position in this ethnocidal doctrine holds the view of Jewish-American economist Milton Friedman, "Let's make the crisis an opportunity."
Based on this perception, the greater an economic crisis is in a country, the easier it will be for unpopular measures to pass, which in periods of calm would be impossible to be legitimized in the popular consciousness.
5. The window of opportunity. As long as the people are found in disarray and the lightning war is being implemented, there is a relatively short period of time that the executors of the economic assassination plot must exploit.
The window of opportunity can last for a few months or up to 1-2 years. Within this time period, the executors of the plan must exploit the disarray of the people and legislate all the barbaric measures.
6. Use of violence in conjunction with dictatorships, and the suspension of democratic freedoms. As was demonstrated in Chile, Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys (Chilean economists who were educated in the economics department of the University of Chicago), despite having the element of surprise, could not impose their policy without the use of violence and the suspension of democratic freedoms.
The cooperation of Friedman's economic school with dictators such as Pinochet in Chile and Suharto in Indonesia, and with puppets such as Yeltsin in Russia, proves how unsound their ideological edifice is.
7. Use of medical terms. In order to impose their dehumanizing ideology, the neoliberal conquerors view the peoples as patients and the neoliberal economists as treating physicians.
The fact that Strauss-Kahn used medical phraseology when he spoke to the "Hellenic" parliament is not accidental. It is the established phraseology used by economic terrorists in those countries they invade. The exact same phraseology about medical treatment was used 40 years ago in Chile, when they imposed their economic shock therapy.
The use of medical phraseology is not a propagandistic invention, nor a verbal firework. It derives from their perverse perception they have of social reality. They view the peoples as laboratory animals, and can therefore be used for social experiments.
8. The deceptive promise. "For a short period of time you'll be in a recession, but then growth will come." Seeing that neoliberalism is not an economic theory, but rather operates as a religious sect with eschatological characteristics, it knows that it can only prevail with falsehood.
Wherever it invades, it falsely promises that the "bitter medicine" will last for a brief period of time, and that growth will come about after 2-3 years. The same falsehoods were told to the Russian people, who still have not recovered from the perverse social experiments that were conducted by the neoliberal terrorists.
9. You are to blame for any misfires of the program for not implementing it correctly, not the theory, nor the economic model. A typical characteristic of those individuals who suffer from delusions, and of those intellectuals who serve obsessions with psychopathological characteristics.
A healthy social theory takes care to interact with social reality, and wherever it discerns that it is wrong, it reforms its basic presumptions.
This does not hold true for religious sects with psychopathological characteristics. They follow Procrustean "logic": Whatever sticks out, will be cut off. Whatever falls short, will be stretched out. Only in this way will it "fit" the size of the Procrustean bed.
10. Divide and rule, or one social class against another. On this point, a great responsibility is carried by those who support the private initiative in Hellas, without criteria and preconditions.
They had the naive impression that the Troika would crush the public employees so that it could advance the Hellenic productive private initiative. Whoever had studied the history of the neoliberal conquests and interventions in other states, was aware that the rhetoric against the public sector is used as a distraction so the plunder of the target-country can commence by the big multinational corporations from abroad. In whichever country the IMF invaded, the native lower-middle class never benefited, not even the native private initiative.
We saw from the outset the occupation government turning one social class against another. Even today there are several senseless entrepreneurs who, perhaps due to their justified antipathy toward the state, have aligned themselves with the Troika, thinking that it will apply development reforms.
Never and nowhere has such a thing happened. The IMF left in ruins every country it passed through. The history of the neoliberal religious sect is relentless.
11. The collaborators propagandize a sense of pessimism, fatalism and despair to the People. In order to more easily pass the measures that would desolate society, the neoliberal assassins carry out psychological operations, as is done in a military war.
In military psychological operations, propagandists spread the futility of resistance to the opponent. They urge him/her to turn over his/her arms because there is supposedly no point in fighting.
A key component in our case of psychological warfare was the slogan "the measures are the only way forward". There was supposedly no other solution, thus it is pointless to resist.
They know that their perverse theory cannot withstand a counter-argument. They themselves cannot stand dialogue. That is also why in whichever country they invade, all the draft legislation either passes with urgent procedure or with presidential decrees. This is their permanent mode of conduct, not just in enslaved Hellas, but in all the countries that they invaded.
12. They speak of creative destruction. The word "destruction" not only does not scare them, they also give it a plus sign. They speak of creative destruction. Even though they encage the peoples in a poverty trap, which feeds itself by the recessional measures they impose, they nonetheless claim that growth will arise through total destruction.
They try to change the meaning of words. In order to get rich, you must first become poor, they tell you. In order to acquire your independence, you must first become a slave. Their Orwellian vocabulary is used daily. Death is life, war is peace, poverty is wealth, the recession will bring growth.
A basic duty of the IMF is to convert every crisis into a complete disaster. While always arguing the opposite, that it supposedly aims to avert catastrophe, that it supposedly aims to bring growth, so as to lull the societies.
13. Nation-building. They formerly spoke of state-building, that is, regardless of which country they invade, they consider themselves entitled to build the state from the very beginning. However, after the invasion of Iraq, they began to speak of nation-building, something which is naturally impossible to occur. 
The neoliberal religious sect cannot build a nation. It can, however, destroy a nation. And yet, this is exactly how the neoliberal priesthood thinks and operates.
This is proved by the fact that they equate a country to a company in liquidation. They sell off the country piece by piece, just like the assets of a company in liquidation.
They behave to a great degree like American born-again Protestants. They erase anything national, state or social from the mind of the target-people. They try to "regenerate" the target-people as if it were a blank slate.
14. They set horizontal layoff objectives, just as the Soviets did with the arrests of dissidents. Their authoritarian perception is shown by the measures that they take. The Soviet secret police was indifferent to whether a citizen was innocent or guilty. It had orders to arrest and kill a specific number of citizens, for terrorist purposes.
The priesthood of economic assassins does the same thing. They set layoff percentages, unconcerned with whether the employees are competent or incompetent, or whether society needs them or not.
The across-the-board layoffs and cuts are not accidental, nor are they mistaken choices. It is embedded in the political DNA of the religious sect of neoliberalism. Their purpose is not to improve a society, but rather to terrorize it.
For anyone who is wondering why they carry out across-the-board cuts in Hellas after 3 years of implementing failed measures, the answer is because they quite simply want to terrorize and raze Hellenic society.
May the naive understand this. We are dealing with an extremely dangerous religious sect with eschatological characteristics. It is indifferent toward the result of its actions. It is only interested in the application of its doctrine.
15. They increase the level of state expenditures toward private companies. Their basic propagandistic firework is that public services have a high cost. Let's assume that we accept this. The solution that they impose is not reduction, but rather the increase of cost. They require the supply of services needed by a state, to be provided by private individuals. The result being, in those countries they intervened, the soaring of state and citizen expenditures for power, water, health and education.
They have not even a single case to show where the cost of necessary social services decreased.
With the pretext that the state is inefficient, they remove job positions from the public sector and give them to foreign multinational corporations, although they initially claimed that job positions would be created in the domestic private sector. A wretched lie. While they dissolve the ΔΕΗ (Public Power Corporation of Hellas), they simultaneously import power from abroad.
16. The IMF always plans in advance the deepening of a crisis in a country. The hordes of neoliberal conquerors invade a country not so they can compete with domestic companies and build their own factories, but so they can seize the equipment, client base and trademark of the domestic companies.
They come so they can dissolve them, or to close them, with the purpose of eliminating domestic competition, so that imports of foreign products can go unhindered to the country under occupation.
For the IMF to not use the crisis in a country as an opportunity to loot, amounts to felonious negligence on the part of its officials.
In those countries that lack the appropriate conditions for invasion, the neoliberal doctrine prescribes that institutions such as the IMF must create the appropriate conditions for a general plunder. 
This is now occurring in Hellas, spearheaded by the artificial lack of liquidity.
17. Stabilization and reforms. According to the neoliberal strategic perception, the economies of the countries under occupation are stabilized with programs of "structural reform". However, they never care to explain what level the new balance finds itself in. At a level of starvation, obviously.
18. The very last article of the neoliberal doctrine. Since an economic crisis is an opportunity for neoliberal structural changes (read widespread plunder), why would they wait for a crisis instead of causing one?
On the basis of this perception, Milton Friedman and his Chicago school of economics taught their neophytic clergymen that they must not wait for an economic crisis to break outThey must cause it with artificial means so as to have an excuse to invade a country.
Several analysts in our country just recently started to realize that the economic measures they impose on us have no logic whatsoever. Oh, what tragic naivety! They do have a logic. Neoliberal logic.
Their purpose is to create, and not to avert, a crisis.
These are in brief the basic characteristics of the neoliberal economic war.
From my part, I would like to apologize to the Hellenic People, because as a politician and intellectual, I was not timely prepared to face this ideological maelstrom. And there is no excuse whatsoever.
The very least each patriotic politician and intellectual owes to the Hellenic People is to protect them from ethnocidal ideologies.
As I wrote in the beginning of the article, we immediately need a school of economic warfare, which would combine lessons of economic history, fiscal policy, political sociology, and strategic studies.
Unfortunately, whatever educational vacuums exist in our country, patriotic intellectuals try to cover with their own resources, which are scanty. However, we cannot in such a way retaliate effectively against lethal religious sects, such as neoliberalism. We need better organization and funding in order to win the National Liberation Struggle. 

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